10 Reasons to Go VIP at Beyond Wonderland

By March 9, 2017 All

If you’re looking to enrich your Beyond Wonderland SoCal experience, then it’s time to upgrade to the VIP life. We’re bringing new and improved amenities to Headliners looking to expand and enhance their festival experience in VIP, where you can explore a new side of Beyond Wonderland and create an Endless Sea of memories. And best of all, VIP for the weekend costs just $100 more than general admission—or $60 more for a single-day pass.

Still on the fence? Here are the 10 top reasons to go VIP at Beyond Wonderland SoCal.

Learn more about VIP at this year’s Beyond Wonderland SoCal, and grab your tickets now.

Dance the Night Away at Our Dedicated VIP Dance Area


Headliners and creatures of the sea can show off their extraordinary moves at our exclusive VIP dance area at Queen’s Domain. The world is your dancefloor—especially when you have space to boogie!

EDCNY20162016_0514_181832-0000_CAGSpread the Love on Our Unity Wall

It’s all about PLUR at Beyond. Stop by our giant chalk Unity Wall and share a message of peace, love, unity and respect with your fellow Headliners.

Enjoy Fast Entry at Our Dedicated VIP Entrance

Do you daydream about skipping long lines and going straight to the music? Turn this fantasy into reality with our dedicated VIP express entrance. Skip the lines, and get to the dancefloor before anyone else.

Freshen Up in Comfort

There’s no better place to powder your nose than in our air-conditioned bathrooms. Yes, you read that right: air-conditioned bathrooms. ‘Nuff said.

Keep Your Valuables Safe in a VIP Locker

If you’re worried about losing your personal belongings, don’t fret! We have VIP lockers for rent. Ease your mind by leaving your items in a safe, secure place. Grab your things when you need them throughout the day. Pro tip: Secure your locker in advance before they sell out during the show.

EDCMX2017_0226_174422-3127_JSLThe Friendly Staff at the VIP Information Booth

Have any questions about your VIP experience? From gates open to the final beat drop, the friendly staff at our dedicated information booth is here to answer your questions all night long.

Smile for the Camera in Our Dedicated Photo Booth

Memorialize your festival weekend by visiting our dedicated Hotpoint VIP photo booth and taking home a snapshot of yourself, your friends, and all your striking smiles.

Collect Your Custom VIP Lanyard and Laminate

BYDSOCAL2015_0320_190010-6257_AGP (1)

Nothing screams “official” like our custom VIP lanyards and laminates. Strut your VIP status around the festival grounds, and keep a memory of Beyond Wonderland forever with these fan-favorite collectibles.

EDCMX2017_0227_000334-3546_SSHEat Delicious Noms by Okamoto Kitchen

Dancing and shuffling can be quite the workout. If you find yourself in a hunger craze, quench your appetite with delicious food by Okamoto Kitchen. Your tummy will thank you later.

Recharge at Our Cell Phone Charging Stations

After a night of rave fam photos and selfies, meetup text exchanges, and epic festival snaps, your phones are bound to lose their battery power before you know it. Good thing we’re providing dedicated cell phone charging stations to power up again and again throughout the night so you can go back to texting your friends, tweeting at your favorite DJs, and gramming a photo of your festival outfit.

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