Swim Into These Costume and Totem Ideas for Beyond Wonderland SoCal

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This year’s Beyond Wonderland SoCal offers a whole new realm of costume possibilities. We’ve reimagined our beloved festival into a brand-new, fantastical dimension: the Endless Sea, an aquatic-themed creative space offering amazing music, breathtaking art installations and unforeseen adventures.

Inspired by this year’s theme, we’ve compiled a list of awesome costume and totem suggestions for you and your squad. Swim into these outfit ideas for Beyond Wonderland SoCal to make the most out of your voyage to the Endless Sea.

Find some more inspiration for your Beyond Wonderland SoCal costume in our Pinterest board below.



Since this creature is part human, part fish, you’re already halfway to your costume! They may be mythical, but now is your chance to bring this magical aquatic being to life.

Totem: A colorful totem decked out in vibrant seashells, colorful starfish, and funny-faced fish. Add some netting, bedazzle that baby, and BAM—you have yourself a fancy, ocean-themed totem.

DIY Instructions


King/Queen Neptune


Rule Beyond Wonderland as the badass king and/or queen of the Endless Sea.

Totem: Neptune can’t run the waters without a glowing golden trident. Wrap it with lights, and it’ll be lit AF.

DIY Instructions




Attack both nights of Beyond Wonderland as the most feared monster of the sea.

Totem: A spear-shaped totem with glow-in-the-dark paint—keep it safe and friendly, of course.

DIY Instructions


SpongeBob SquarePants & Friends


The perfect time has come to gather all your friends and dress up as your all-time favorite cartoon show! SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs—there are plenty of options to go around for your entire rave fam.

Totem: Think Krabby Patties, bubbles, Gary the Snail, pineapples, Bikini Bottom— we’ve all seen the show. Don’t forget to insert all your favorite fire SpongeBob memes.

DIY Instructions


PLUR Pirate

Photo by CuriousJosh (portfolio at http://joshreiss.com events at http://curiousjosh.com)

Instead of pillaging a village, spread good vibes as a PLUR pirate. Booty is guaranteed—get it? Bonus points if you speak only in pirate talk all weekend long.

Totem: Build a model ship and proudly wave it high in the sky, for it is your one true home and love.

DIY Instructions


Bass Wench

Photo by CuriousJosh (portfolio at http://joshreiss.com events at http://curiousjosh.com)

Team up with your PLUR pirate in crime (see above) to form the perfect bass-loving couple to rule the sea.

Totem: A bedazzled pirate hat in neon colors.

DIY Instructions


Deep-Sea Diver


The deep-sea diver is an obvious fan of the underground, so you’ll find them jamming at Upside-Down House and the Aquarium. Strap on this helmet and full-on suit, and dive deep into the dancefloor all weekend long.

Totem: The underground goes deep, so make sure you carry an extra oxygen tank as your totem.

DIY Instructions


Baewatch Lifeguards


Save a life, become bae. Heck, you might find your one true love after saving their life from the waters of the Endless Sea.

Totem: Those bright orange rescue tubes will match perfectly with your fluorescent swimsuits.

DIY Instructions


Squid Squad

EDCNY2016_0514_173129-1321_ADI (1)

Gather your fellow squid, and form your squad. It’s as simple as that!

Totem: Get one of these neon octopuses for you and your squid squad to carry around the festival.

DIY Instructions


EDCLV2016_0617_202426-8572_SAG (1)If you’re creative at heart, this jellyfish-inspired totem is a must. Its neon lights will keep you looking bright and happy all weekend long.

Totem: The costume and totem are part of the same ecosystem, so make sure to build them together.

DIY Instructions


Rave Sharks


Take a bite out of the night as the friendliest sharks in the Endless Sea. Make sure not to eat all your fellow fishes in the sea.

Totem: Attach a half-eaten surfboard to that pole; make sure the teeth marks are prominent to show them who rules the waters.

DIY Instructions


Nemo and Dory


You’ll be the cutest couple swimming through the waters of the Endless Sea, fin in fin.

Totem: A totem of everyone’s favorite turtle: Crush.

DIY Instructions for Nemo and Dory


The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou


Unleash your inner Bill Murray in this simple-yet-awesome getup.

Totem: Bring the film’s mysterious jaguar shark to life in hilarious totem form.

DIY Instructions

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